cinemographic music



Krasnogorsk started out when Jacques Mindreau met with Corey Hinchey in the fall of 2008 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When a ‘taka tak tAAk’ rhythm came out of Corey’s 1960’s harmony while noodling on it during a roommate potential interview with someone else,  Jacques (who happened to intervene) showed up with his fiddle and joined Corey. unbeknown to both. This was the planting of a seed that let them start Krasnogorsk.

The band then when on to play on the street to quickly garner their first interview on a web channel and they became a self sufficient group. The name inspired by the russian lens making company who also manufactured 16mm cameras is an icon of the visual imaginitive world that helps inspire them.

“It asks nothing of us other then to create powerful moving music that stimulates the soul, invigorate the heart and open up the mind in a goal to conjure vivid emotions for the listener and viewer.”

From their start in Halifax Nova Scotia they have travelled across the continent in search of spiritual inspiration and people with open and creative mindsets, They play at countless different avenues when the time ask for it, from the most obscure and most popular “Krasnogorsk” has played at the 2009 Atlantic Jazz Fest, on the park cars, restaurant cars, and dome cars of many Via Rail trains, on electric tricylces, trees, public transit, have been pulled on bike trailers during a critical mass event, overjoyed crowds on sky trains, in sitka forsets, streetcar shelters, ferry boats, abandoned caves, on scaffolding, in cafes in Montreal to the rockies, at art festivals, art openings, restaurant patios, small balconies, the legendary Seahorse Tavern, in small cabin kitchens in Cape Breton and under the arches of church spires and piles of rubble and brick of abandoned roads.

Krasnogorsk plans on traversing the continent again and further bring and take inspiration from the world and its people. The group draws inspiration and likes to create a soundtrack for visual landscapes, their style can be described as cinemographic operatic and folk.  They mix well with manouche and eastern styles, as well as with the more experimental and rhythmically driving sounds of the east coast.

The Core is a Duo formed by Baritone Ukulelist Corey Allan Hinchey, and Violinist Jacques Mindreau. The band has contributions from and is a combination of stand up bass rhythm, intense foot stomping, chants and incantations, accordions and bass drums and other sounds added to the core.